Taking the beauty market to the next level.

B2Beauty Group relies on a top tier team studying the salons' needs and developing quintessential tools to leverage beauty businesses' success. With support from our partners and investors, we build business intelligence that allows us to find the best ways to solve beauty and wellness entrepreneurs' everyday demands through the use of technology, taking the beauty market to a new level.


AZ Solutions is responsible for developing AZ, the best salon management software in the market.

AZ is a powerful tool for bigger businesses, which usually have bigger customer bases and deal with larger incomes everyday, granting their processes standards, speed and precision.


Beauty Date team is responsible for developing a homonym mobile app and management software.

Beauty Date's flagship is the online booking, which connects customers to salons right in their phone screens, allowing them to book appointments whenever and wherever they want. The system also counts on basic management features such as customer base and reports, useful for salons of every size.



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